Hemipterans of North Carolina:
Spittlebugs, Leafhoppers, Treehoppers, and Planthoppers

Welcome to the "Hemipteran Hoppers of North Carolina" website!

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Aims of this website

This website aims to provide a compendium of all of the leafhopper, planthopper, treehopper, and spittlebug species recorded in North Carolina, with pictures of each species, information on species identification, general information about their distribution in the state (by county), their relative abundance in the state, their seasonal occurrence in the state, their habitats, and their food preferences, as well as additional comments on the species (such as notable facts, taxonomic issues, or population trends). County maps of occurrence are provided for each species.

To see a species account, start typing the scientific name in the Search Scientific Name field or, if a common name exists, the common name is the Search Common Name field. Names of species appear on the screen, so click on the correct species that you want, so that the full name appears in the field box; then click Find (to the right). Once you are at a species account, you can navigate to the previous species in the checklist sequence by clicking on the Broad-headed Sharpshooter on the left, or to the next species in the checklist order by clicking on the Broad-headed Sharpshooter on the right. You can also get to additional species by entering text in either of the Search Common: or Search Scientific: boxes, click on the full species name, then click on the blue Find tab. A third way to get to another species (within the same Family) is to click the down arrow under the scientific name, where the box shows other members in the Family; click on the species of interest.

If you are unsure of a species, you can search the interactive photographic key, which shows the best picture of each species for which we have photographs of. A link to this key can be found in the menu on the left side of the page. Clicking on a photograph will lead you to the species' account page. Pictures can also be uploaded to the Unidentified Photo Gallery where we can try to identify it for you.

This website is not intended to be a compilation of all records for hemipteran species in the state. For example, there are thousands upon thousands of records in various museum and university specimen collections and on various websites or databases.

As indicated at the top of each species map on the website, a user can click on a county that is colored (i.e., not white) and see the records for that county for the given species that have been entered. Again, this should not be assumed to be all of the known records for the county; these are only the ones that have been entered to document the presence of the species in the county.

Hope you enjoy using the website! If you have any questions, please email Kyle or Paul.