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Category: NRID SCENIC Photo Title: CD Name: RARO
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Photographer: Paul HartDate photo taken: 2006-12-25
Comment: Drying wings on a rainy Christmas Day.
 (<I>Cathartes aura</I>), Raven Rock State Park, North Carolina, United States
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Photo 1
  WEWO  Grainy - will try to get better ones.

Photo 2

Photo 3
  RARO  Drying wings on a rainy Christmas Day.

Photo 4

Photo 5
  HARO  Feeding on a dead deer, with wings spread

Photo 6

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Photo 8

Photo 9

Photo 10

Photo 11
  JORD  Do NOT leave children unattended on playground, Ebenezer day use

Photo 12

Photo 13
  HARO  Soaring above Hanging Rock Ridge.

Photo 14
  CABE  Standing on the rocks at the entrance to the marina basin.

Photo 15

Photo 16
  NONDPR  Obs. outside of park boundaries, north of the park along Canp Leach Rd. (SR 1334). 12 obs. in total.

Photo 17

Photo 18

Photo 19

Photo 20
  GOCR  Feeding on dead fish left infront of a trailcamera.

Photo 21
  GOCR  Feeding on dead fish left infront of a trailcamera.

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Photo 24

Photo 25

Photo 26

Photo 27

Photo 28
  HARO  From north slope of Cook Wall

Photo 29

Photo 30

Photo 31
  HARO  Circling Cook Wall alongside black vultures.

Photo 32

Photo 33

Photo 34

Photo 35

Photo 36
  MEMI  Sunning

Photo 37
  GOCR  South-end of Palmetto Boardwalk

Photo 38
  GOCR  Near the South-end of the Palmetto Boardwalk

Photo 39

Photo 40

Photo 41