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Category: NRID SCENIC Photo Title: CD Name: RARO none
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Photographer: Paul HartDate photo taken: 2006-11-11
Comment: Track in sand by the edge of Avents Creek
 (<I>Ardea herodias</I>), Raven Rock State Park, North Carolina, United States
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  RARO  Track in sand by the edge of Avents Creek

Photo 5
  CABE  Perched over culvert in marina basin.

Photo 6

Photo 7
  NONDPR  Lake Matamuskette

Photo 8
  MEMI  Another stick for the nest

Photo 9

Photo 10
  SILA  obs at WHLA pier #1

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Photo 12
  MEMI   crouched in habitat

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Photo 26
  OCMO  1st Place 2012 Wildlife in Parks Contest

Photo 27
  KELA  low water at bullocksville

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Photo 29
  MEMI  dead heron tangled in fishing wire

Photo 30
  WIUM  Found dead along powerline right of way near Big Lake.

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